How Can Military Families Keep their San Diego Home Safe When Shipping Out

As a military member, you may have received PCS orders to leave San Diego and deploy elsewhere. We know that this probably isn’t the first time you’ve had to ship out, and you’re probably familiar with the logistical details by now.

However, if you own a home here and you’re not sure what you’re going to do with it, we can be of assistance. No matter how many times you find yourself packing up and moving, we know it’s a stressful time. With solid San Diego property management, you can reduce your stress and ensure your home remains safe.

Consider Renting Your San Diego Home Out to Tenants

Selling your home might be difficult, especially with your time constraints. You might want to hold onto it as well, in case you decide to return to San Diego. We recommend that you consider holding onto the asset and renting it out.

There are a few important benefits to this:

  • You can earn some consistent rental income from anywhere in the world.
  • You’ll have the property ready for you if you decide to move back here. You can always sell in a year or two years or 10 years, depending on how things work out.

We work with military owners and landlords who are out-of-state all the time. It’s our experience that as long as you have experienced, responsive San Diego property management, you can rent out your home from anywhere in the world.

Rent Until the Real Estate Market Improves

Instead of leaving your house vacant on the sales market when you move away, why not rent it to some great tenants so you can at least earn some rental income and help defray the costs of maintaining the property?

This is an option that works especially well for members of the military who move a lot. It allows you to earn money on your asset right now, and over time that home will also continue to appreciate in value. You’ll build more equity. And, when the market is a bit stronger and you’re feeling more comfortable about the sales price you can earn, we’ll discuss the benefits of selling.

Holding Onto Your San Diego Investment

If you decide you want to return to San Diego once you’re retired from the military, you might find yourself priced out of the real estate market at that time. This is a competitive market, and it will likely remain that way. You’ll have to raise a lot more capital to buy a home here.

If you rent out the home you already have rather than trying to sell it, you’ll still have that investment here. You can sell it in order to buy something else or you can move back into it. Renting out the property gives you options.

Professional San Diego Property Management Provides Peace of Mind

Professional San Diego Property Management Provides Peace of MindIf you’ve never been a landlord before, you may be wondering how you could possibly find a tenant and rent out your home while remaining on active duty in the military.

There’s no need to worry about the details. Professional property managers are able to protect your home and deliver peace of mind. A good management company will help you prepare the property for the rental market, advertise it to potential renters, and screen applicants thoroughly to ensure you’re placing someone who will pay rent on time and take care of your home.

Once a tenant is placed, your property manager will collect rent from them and deliver it to you. There will be regular maintenance performed, emergencies responded to, and a careful tracking of income and expenses. You’ll be able to view all statements, invoices, inspection reports, and tenant communications.

We can help you navigate this process. With our experience working with military owners and families, we have the systems, the processes, and the technology in place to help you rent out your San Diego home and keep it safe. Contact our team at Chase Pacific Property Management & Real Estate Services.