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In San Diego and across the U.S., more and more residential homes are in HOAs and community associations. This is due to new construction, increased development, and a sense that homeowners appreciate having a dedicated entity taking care of things like roads, providing amenities, and maintaining home values. 

Every HOA is a little different, and the association’s specific authority and responsibilities depends on the bylaws that established it. The board of the HOA is tasked with following those bylaws and enforcing all the rules and regulations that homeowners agree to when they decide to live in the community. 

Some of the HOA board responsibilities are obvious, and some are less so. We’re taking a look at some of the things that all San Diego HOA boards can be relied up on to take care of.

Maintaining Governance and Oversight 

Most HOA board members are volunteers, and it’s a role that can be both challenging and rewarding. It is almost always time-consuming. One of the most important roles of a board is to provide governance and oversight. Boards have to hold the homeowners in the community accountable to all the rules and regulations that are in place. 

The HOA board must maintain and enforce the bylaws, the rules, and the regulations. This will not always make board members popular with homeowners around the neighborhood. However, this oversight is necessary in order to protect your community and ensure everyone is treated fairly and consistently. 

Managing HOA Board Meetings 

Board meetings are another major responsibility for any elected board members. The association board will need to meet regularly, and the exact number of meetings held per year can be found in the bylaws. Homeowners in the community have a right to attend or participate in these board meetings, and they must be open and accessible.  

A good board meeting will have an agenda and action items. Each elected official and committee chairperson should give a report, and any outstanding issues should be addressed and discussed. The meeting minutes are a matter of official record. Make sure they are accurate, transparent, and kept on file in case any residents want to see them. 

HOA Board Budgeting 

San Diego HOA boards will be responsible for planning budgets and collecting association dues. The treasurer will have most of the oversight in these matters, and everything must be documented and audited on a regular basis. Every HOA has several different accounts, including an operating account and a reserve account. The HOA board is expected to pay routine bills and plan for capital improvements, assessments, and other long-term or major expenses. 

Professional Community Association Management

business handshakeAn experienced and professional San Diego property management company can help HOA boards stay organized, responsive, and communicative. We can provide as much or as little support as an association needs. 

Depending on the size and scope of your association, you may need us to coordinate repairs and gather quotes. We can help with the accounting and reporting or take care of dues and fines. We have worked with association boards to organize homeowner relations and committees for various association functions.

If you think your San Diego HOA board could benefit from our leadership and experience, please contact us at Chase Pacific Property Management. We would love to tell you more.