Why Communication with your Property Management Company is Key to Maximizing your ROI on your San Diego Investment Property - Article Banner

Investors who want to maximize the returns they earn on their San Diego rental properties often focus on increasing their rental values. They make cost-effective upgrades, adopt strategic marketing plans, and focus on tenant retention to avoid vacancy and turnover. 

All of these are important things to do.

You also have to think about the way you communicate with your property management company. This actually has a huge impact on your ROI, too. 

Property Managers Are in Contact with Your Tenants

Responsive property managers are focused on establishing and maintaining good relationships with your tenants. This is crucial to your ability to attract and retain good residents, so you’ll want to stay in touch with your property managers and find out how your tenants are doing. Are they having a good rental experience? Are they paying rent on time and reporting maintenance issues? You’ll also want to know if they’re causing problems and conflicts.  

The way your property manager communicates with tenants will establish how easily you can count on timely rental payments and lease renewals. Before residents move in, make sure you ask your property manager about what will be discussed and shared with the tenants. You want to be sure they’re going over the lease requirements, particularly rent collection policies and what to do in case of an emergency.  

Property managers and tenants should talk to each other throughout the tenancy, and while you don’t need to be informed every time that happens, you do want to know when there’s something going on that affects your property and its performance. Be available to your property manager when they want to discuss your tenants. Listen to the advice you get about tenant retention because avoiding turnover saves you money and increases your ROI.

Communicating with San Diego Property Managers

When you’re working with a professional San Diego property management company, you won’t have to worry so much about communicating with tenants. Your property manager will take care of that for you, and the communication will be handled with expertise and professionalism. 

In this case, your main job will be to communicate openly and honestly with your management team. You’ll need to discuss your investment goals, talk about your plans for the property, and listen to the advice you’re given about pricing, upgrades, and maintenance. 

Make sure your property managers have all of your correct and current contact information. If they need to reach you during an emergency, you aren’t going to want them scrambling to find you. Be open and transparent, and encourage them to share recommendations and advice. This is the expertise and the value you’re paying for.

Technology Enhances Communication and ROI

jet black laptop and cellphonesUse the technology that’s available to you. A good property manager will provide an online portal for owners, where you can stay up to date with everything happening at your property, and you’ll be able to communicate electronically from anywhere in the world and at any time. 

Let your property manager know how you prefer to be contacted. Maybe you like a phone call or maybe a text or an email is better. 

Smart investors know that working with a professional property manager provides better communication and higher ROI. If you’re not pleased with the communication coming from your current property manager or you’re interested in our San Diego property management services, please contact us at Chase Pacific Property Management & Real Estate Services.